Never Odd Or Even


Our third album released 2017.

Following in the footsteps of the past two albums NOXINIXON continues to create lyrically-rich music full of stadium hooks and philosophic tangents. Their continued use of the palindrome functions as a metaphor for the ambiguity and complexity of life, the yin and yang we all seek to reconcile. 
Over the course of fourteen songs the band navigates through folk, pop, rock n roll, jazz and blues influences to weave a sonic tapestry as spellbinding as it is accessible.

Donny Childs: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kerry Hirsch: Electric Lead Guitar
William Mowat: Electric Rhythm Guitar
Jarrett Plett: Drums, Percussion

Supporting Artists: 
Danny Hertach: Bass Guitar
Jan Pisklak: Electric Guitar
Ginny Loon: Backing Vocals
Dani Wirth: Guitars, Keys
Philip Harrison: Guitar

Sound Engineers:
Dani Wirth, Philip Harrison, Roman Frischknecht

All songs written by Donny Childs except,
«Tied Up» written by Kerry Hirsch, «Doin’ Nothing» written by Philip Anthony Wesle, «Beach Combin’» (Parked Up) written by Paul Doherty (Pablo)